Jun 25, 2016 – It’s really not fair….

It’s not fair.

As kids, these have been our favorite words every time we didn’t get what we wanted – be it the latest gadget, good grades or just more time to play. We are sure you have heard your kids say it too…

As we hand shoes to the homeless, it is changing our perception.

What is not fair is that Silicon Valley that gave the world the computer, email, iMac, Google, iPhone, Facebook, Tesla, LinkedIn and Uber is unable to perform the same tech miracles to provide its own community members with basic necessities of life.

What is not fair is that Silicon Valley – home to worlds greatest minds, luxurious mansions and richest companies is also home to hunger and homelessness…

What is really not fair is that in Silicon Valley, a highly sought-after item today is a….

…pair of used shoes

Thank you for your generous donations of gently used shoes. You made a difference in the life of a homeless person.

-The Shoecyclists

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