Karthik Gnanakumar

President, Karthik Gnanakumar

Karthik Gnanakumar is currently a sophomore in Irvington High School. He likes science, especially chemistry and physics. He interned in Environmental Science at LAM Research Corporation. Environmental Science usually involves humans in a certain aspect, which stirred up a different passion of his: Social Sciences.

Interested in social stability and fairness, Karthik wants to inspire his generation by helping people who are less fortunate. Making a small difference can have enormous consequences, because changing ONE person’s life for the better can change several lives due to the ripple effect.

Shoes are a need, not a want – and yet good shoes remain prohibitively unaffordable by many. That’s why, Karthik is leading ShoeCyclist’s Milpitas group. He wants to fulfil this basic need for those who cannot afford to…