Arnav Aggarwal

I am a sophomore at Pinewood School in Los Altos, CA. I am passionate about helping under-privileged kids in third world countries and on a few occasions I traveled to Costa Rica and Fiji with my school group to help in their local communities. I am currently involved in an organization providing meals to over 2 million school children daily in third world countries and use a lot of automation and technology in their process.

I am an active squash player, but also love other sports and activities such as football, snowboarding and snorkeling.

I look forward to leading the Shoe Cyclist Chapter in the city of Los Altos, and involving the whole community in helping the homeless.

January 24th Update

I am so moved as I help hand out shoes to almost 150 homeless people in San Jose.¬†And I equally feel empowered to do more. This is just a start…IMG_0046