Many people we know have shoes they don’t use. And then, there are people who are in desperate need for gently-used shoes! Shoecyclists are the link between the givers and the getters! 

It’s very efficient – We ask for shoe donations and people happily give shoes AND blessings!

It’s totally free – No fundraising ever!

It’s highly effective – We have talked to numerous agencies – homeless shelters, soup kitchens. schools in underprivileged areas and they all welcome this idea.

It’s incredibly rewarding – You really need to give a pair to a homeless person to see it feels!

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  1. Be a leader in a student volunteer organization. Start your own Shoecyclist Chapter in your city or open a club in your school.
  2. Print the Shoecyclist Flyer and collect shoes in your neighborhood. You can ask your classmates to donate gently used pairs. Send an email out on Nextdoor and generous people will drop shoes at your doorstep! One thing we have learned is that people are happy to give gently used and new shoes for a good cause!
  3. Sort the shoes and donate the gently-used shoes to one of the several organizations in your area. Just call your local homeless shelters and you will be overwhelmed by the response. You can find Bay Area, CA here.
  4. Take pictures. Encourage others to do the same. We will share these images with the world – on your own page on the website as well as Shoecyclist Facebook page.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. You just made a strong impact on your environment and our community.

Important Disclaimer and Terms of Use: This is a voluntary activity, promoted by a volunteer-led organization, for the benefit of our communities. Please use precautions when you engage in these activities. Make sure students and minors have adults involved to help them focus on personal safety – whether it is during the process of collecting shoes for donation or distributing shoes into the community (at homeless shelters or elsewhere). You understand that you are fully responsible for your actions and ensuring your own safety (and those of minors in your care) as a participant in this activity. Shoecyclist and its organizational leaders, members and those in any way associated with Shoecyclist will not be liable for any loss, injury, or other negative impact to any person or property. You understand that your involvement in these activities constitutes understanding and acceptance of these terms.