Shaurya Singhal

Shaurya, Chapter President, Gale Ranch Middle School, San Ramon CA

Hi, my name is Shaurya Singhal. I am a 7th grader attending Gale Ranch Middle School in San Ramon, CA. I live with my parents and my younger twin sisters. I am a crazy fan of the SF Giants baseball team and the Golden State Warriors basketball team. My room is decorated with stickers and posters of both these teams. Math and PE are two of my favorite subjects in school. Baseball is my favorite sport and I play Majors division for Canyon Creek Little League.

I wanted to lead my chapter for Shoe cyclist because I saw many kids in India without shoes on my recent trip. I felt bad for those kids and then my parents told me about this activity. I read about it and I realized a lot of shoes are donated to kids who need them. I also figured out that Gale Ranch hasn’t done this program yet and I decided to sign up. I hope that many of my collected shoes will go to kids who need them. I also want other people to get interested in this program.

Update Nov 14, 2015

Look at what Shoecyclist Shauyra collected for the mission!



Update Nov 29, 2015.

Shoecyclist Shaurya donating shoes to the homeless in San Jose.