1. Do we accept shoes of any condition and make?

We accept athletic shoes that are in decent, like new condition. Remember, your shoes will be given to homeless individuals and families, so please give shoes that are in good condition. Your pair may be the only one they own.

Also, since we are full time students, please respect our time and do not throw any unusable pairs.

2. Do we go drop off on any of these places on our own?

Ideally, you would want to drop off with your club/chapter members under supervision of an adult. You did all the work for collecting – why let someone else get the credit (and karma!) for donating? 🙂

3. Does Shoecyclist have a list of places to donate the usable condition shoes?

Yes, we are diligently working on it. See here. We have found local churches, homeless shelters and soup kitchens are a good resource as they can really get these shoes in the deserving hands (or feet!).

4. How do we ensure that shoes stay together?

Well, just tie the laces together OR put a big rubber-band tying the pair together. We like to put gender and size on a paper and tag the shoe. For instance ‘Men – Size 9′ or Women – Size 7’. That makes sorting and handing to the homeless easy.

5. What is your Employer Identification Number?

Our EIN number is 81-2644825

6. If we go donate shoes to the homeless or shelters, do we need their receipts to confirm how many pairs they received? If not, how to convey to the club how many pairs we have collected?

Tax deduction receipts are available here. Shoecyclist Charitable Deduction receipt001

Once you sort them, you can give them to the homeless shelters. Keep a count – because it is certainly a cause for celebration when you being someone unexpected joy of getting a gently used pair of shoes.

Also, do keep a detailed count of your service hours. When you request us to sign off your hours, please share details – date, what you did (Put flyers, collected shoes, sorted shoes, donated shoes), number of shoes collected and how many hours spent per activity. The best way is to track these rigorously in a spreadsheet and send to us every few months. (Without these details, we will not be able to sign off on the service hours)

7. Any disclaimers or terms of use that are important for us to know?

This is a voluntary activity, promoted by a volunteer-led organization, for the benefit of our communities. Please use precautions when you engage in these activities. Make sure students and minors have adults involved to help them focus on personal safety – whether it is during the process of collecting shoes for donation or distributing shoes into the community (at homeless shelters or elsewhere). You understand that you are fully responsible for your actions and ensuring your own safety (and those of minors in your care) as a participant in this activity. Shoecyclist and its organizational leaders, members and those in any way associated with Shoecyclist will not be liable for any loss, injury, or other negative impact to any person or property. You understand that your involvement in these activities constitutes understanding and acceptance of these terms.